Laser distance meter INSTRUMAX SNIPER 50 PLUS

Tech specification

  • Measuring range 50 m
  • Accuracy ±1,5mm
  • Laser class 2
  • Dust/water protection IP54
  • Quantity of batteries 2
  • Battery type АА


  • laser distance meter
  • holster
  • hand loop
  • batteries
  • manual

INSTRUMAX SNIPER 50 PLUS is a laser distance meter with the measuring range up to 50m. It can calculate the area, volume, indirect measurements. The laser distance meter has 3-line display and the memory function.

  • Automatic calculation of area and volum 
  • Indirect measurement of inaccessible height (length) by Pythagorean theorem 
  • Large display with illumination 
  • Memory of last 20 measurments
  • Measuring range is up to 50 m. 
  • Reverse 5 sec timer for precise measurement of big distances 
  • Hand loop and the holster for the waist