Laser distance meter INSTRUMAX SNIPER 20 PLUS

Tech specification

  • Measuring range 20 m
  • Accuracy ±3mm
  • Laser class 2
  • Dust/water protection IP54
  • Battery Built-in Li-ion battery


  • Laser distance meter
  • Manual

Laser distance meter INSTRUMAX SNIPER 20 PLUS is the compact model of the laser distance meter. It has minimum quantity of functions for the measurements.
Accuracy and distance. Laser distance meter INSTRUMAX SNIPER 20 PLUS is used for distance measurements up to 20 m. Measurement error is ±3,0 mm. If you notice that the error exceeds the factory settings, then you can calibrate yourself without contacting a service center.
Compact and comfortable. Due to its ergonomic and compact design INSTRUMAX SNIPER 20 PLUS fits perfectly in a pocket. Water and dust protection IP54.
Lithium battery. Built-in lithium battery is used as a power supply. It could be charged from any charger for smart phone with the power 5V via USB-C.
Easy operation. All measurements are taken with 2 buttons only. First button is measurement. Second button is used for switching off.
Automatic shut-off. When measurements are stopped, the rangefinder automatically turns off after 3 minutes to save battery power.
The INSTRUMAX SNIPER 20 PLUS laser rangefinder is an excellent choice for everyday measurements. A compact rangefinder that you can always have at hand.