Measuring range 30 m

Accuracy 2mm

Laser class 2

Measuring range 50 m

Accuracy 1,5mm

Laser class 2

Accuracy 0,3 mm/m

Self-leveling range 4

Fan angle of the horizontal beam 360

Fan angle of the vertical beams 360

Laser color red

Accuracy 0,2 mm/m

Self-leveling range 3

Fan angle of horizontal beam 360

Fan angle of vertical beams 220

Dust/water protection IP54

Laser color green

Engine power 2HP / 1,45 kW

Engine displacement, cm3 52

Engine 2 stroke, air-cooled

Instrumax is a new name on the market laser tool.

Under the brand name Instrumax produced are not expensive, but good quality and technical characteristics of the equipment for construction and repair.

Laser rangefinders, levels, and Motomura Instrumax will become a reliable assistant of the house master.