Tech specification

  • Accuracy ±0,2 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range ±4°
  • fan angle of the horizontal beam 120°
  • Fan angle of the vertical beams 160°
  • Dust/water protection IP54
  • Laser color green
  • Laser class 2
  • Batteries, pcs 2
  • NBattery type АА
  • Working range 30 m
  • Working range with the receiver 70 m
  • Thread 1/4”


  • Laser level
  • Glasses
  • Manual

ELEMENT 2D GREEN — is a compact laser level with wide range of possibilities. Green laser line is better seen under bright light. ELEMENT 2D GREEN builds up 1 vertical and 1 horizontal lines that are intersected at the qangle of 90°. It's possible to switch off the laser lines in order to save the battery power. Measuring range in the detector mode is up to 70 m. There is a mode for the marking of inclined lines.

  • Bright green laser line
  • Vertical line 160º
  • TILT mode without self-leveling
  • Automatic self-leveling with accuracy ±0,2 mm/m
  • Detector mode for operation under bright light up to 70 m
  • Switching off the laser lines to save the battery power